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3 Secrets to Injury Prevention for Youth Athletes

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At NAC Sports Training Center, our expert coaches are helping the athletes of tomorrow build their skills today.  Whether they’re training for baseball, softball, lacrosse, field hockey, or football, our goal is to ensure these young people gain the knowledge and experience it takes to succeed in athletics and in life.  While we do believe that athletic training can provide a whole host of benefits for the young people who choose to participate in sports, their personal growth should never come at the expense of safety.  If you or someone you know is training for youth sports, here are a few tips that can help prevent injuries and ensure they don’t end up sitting out this season.

Make Your Doctor Part of the Team

No matter which sport you’re training for, you should always let your doctor know about your plans, especially if it’s your first season.  Before the season starts, it’s a good idea to schedule a physical to ensure you’re healthy enough to participate.  While you’re there, ask your doctor about any concerns they might have and about sport-specific injury prevention advice that can help you in the future.  As the season progresses, keep your doctor in the loop about any pain or other difficulties you’re having so they can develop a proactive treatment plan before small issues turn into big problems.

Always Warm Up

We know that the warmup is many athletes’ least favorite part of playing sports and that some even decide to skip it altogether.  While it may be tedious to stretch and warm up before physical activity, it’s absolutely crucial if you want to prevent injuries.  Not only does stretching help you build strength and flexibility, it also helps loosen up your muscle fibers, ligaments, and tendons so that they’re more pliable during your workout.  With your muscles and joints properly prepared for physical activity, you’ll be much less likely to suffer injuries like strained muscles, tendonitis, and even muscle or ligament tears.  Your coach and your doctor can both be valuable resources for specific stretches that pertain to your favorite sport.

Utilize Proper Safety Equipment

It may seem obvious, but wearing proper safety gear is the best way to prevent injuries like concussions, bone fractures, and more.  Before the season starts, talk to your coach and your doctor about all the pads, helmets, and other safety gear you’ll need to stay safe and remember that wearing pads isn’t just for the big game.  Whether it’s a football scrimmage or just batting practice, wearing all the right safety gear will help you prevent injuries during training.

At NAC Sports Training Center, the safety of the young people training at our indoor sports facility is our top priority.  Whether you’re training with us, on your own, or at any other athletics facility, we hope you’ll follow the tips listed above so you can stay safe and healthy as you develop your skills.  After all, you don’t want to spend this season riding the bench because of an injury! 

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