Helping Your Kids Get Active Again after Winter

In the winter, we all tend to become less active.  That brutal cold weather makes it a chore to be active outside and crowded gyms make it difficult to get the exercise you need.  When it comes to winter hibernation, kids may be even more susceptible to the cold weather slump.  Now that spring is here and temperatures are rising, it’s time to get active again, and that includes your kids!  They may be somewhat resistant at first, so it’s up to you to keep them motivated.  Here are a few tips from NAC Sports Training Center to help your kids get active again after their winter hibernation.

Start off Slow

If your kids are having trouble shaking off the winter blues, it can help to start off slow.  Instead of diving headlong into intense physical activity, start off with something easy and enjoyable, like a game of catch in the back yard.  As we get deeper into spring, you can gradually move into more strenuous activities like a pickup game of basketball in the driveway.  By the time summer rolls around, you and your kids will be ready for some serious physical activity!

Make Exercising Fun

Getting regular exercise can seem like a chore, especially for young kids.  If you want them to get the physical activity they need, it helps to make things fun for them.  Activities like hopscotch, kickball, and dodgeball offer the opportunity to build muscle and get cardiovascular exercise, so don’t count anything out.  Remember that just because an activity is fun doesn’t mean it can’t also be good for you, so get creative and add fun accessories like hula hoops, frisbees, and jump ropes to your spring fitness routine.  Anything can be exercise!

Sign up for Youth Sports

We all need a little motivation to stay in shape, and for some, the thrill of competition is exactly the push they need to get regular exercise.  If your kids are a bit resistant to your efforts to get them moving again, it might help to talk to them about joining a youth sports program.  Soccer, baseball, football, field hockey, and more are all great ways for kids to get exercise and learn skills that will serve them well on and off the field of play.  Childhood is a crucial time when kids develop habits they’ll carry with them for the rest of their lives; youth sports can help ensure the habits they develop are healthy ones.

If you’re looking for a fun and safe place where kids can learn their sport of choice or just play around, NAC Sports Training Center has everything you need.  Located in Newtown, PA, we’re the sports training facility of choice for parents and kids in the Philadelphia and New Jersey areas.  Contact us by phone at (215) 968-3089 to find out more about all the youth sports programs like elite sports camps in Bucks County, PA, we also offer including lacrosse, soccer, softball, baseball, basketball, field hockey, and football.  And don’t forget to ask about our summer camps for kids and teens!

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