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Led by esteemed instructors, including 2nd Degree Blackbelt Erik Purcell, Blackbelt Pat Sabatini, and World and Pan Am Champion Jillian Peterson, NPI's BJJ / Jiu-Jitsu Program offers a top-tier experience for practitioners of all levels. Recognized by the IBJJF, our institute provides both Gi and No Gi classes, along with specialized training in Russian Sambo and Wrestling. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned grappler, our program empowers you with essential self-defense techniques and fosters a passion for the sport. Join us to learn chokes, armbars, triangles, and more, while developing invaluable skills in position and defense.

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Our BJJ / JiuJitsu Program is run by 2nd Degree Blackbelt Erik Purcell, Blackbelt Pat Sabatini and World and Pan Am Champion Jillian Peterson. This is a high level JiuJitsu program that caters to all levels. We offer Gi and no Gi classes as well as a BJJ Fundamentals classes.

The MPR is an officially recognized Blackbelt Academy by the IBJJF. Please check your locations to see the instructors, class times and days. We offer Gi and No Gi classes JiuJitsu classes along with a variety of other grappling specialties like Russian Sambo and Wrestling.

Jiu-Jitsu is one of the most amazing sports and martial arts on the planet. The best grapplers in the world will all admit their devotion, love and respect for the sport. Jiu Jitsu offers great exercise and flexibility along with the knowledge of self defense. Learn chokes, armbars, triangles and more importantly position and defense. To participate in the JiuJitsu Gi Program you must either purchase or already have a regulation JiuJitsu Gi.

Adult MMA Classes

MPI JIUJITSU CLASSES AVAILABLE (Check schedule for days and times)





Adult MMA Classes
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In our program you’ll learn valuable self defense tactics such as how to subdue an attacker, how to defend yourself while pinned on the ground, how to render an attacker unconscious and how to more importantly not get caught in vulnerable positions. You will also learn the not so serious side of grappling like the Sport Jiu-Jitsu side where points and submissions are used to gain victory over an opponent.

No former experience is necessary to begin our JiuJitsu program. We welcome all ages, genders and skill levels. Please check our class schedule to see the days and times which specific classes are held.

NPI Comp Team

NPI Competition Team represents excellence, hard work, being the best. This small hand picked team of students doesn’t just compete, but they compete to win. They sacrifice, they train and they want to be the best. Only our most dedicated athletes make the cut. JiuJitsu is our sport. We win as a team and on an individual basis.

Comp Team Members are picked annually. Being an active high level competitor is mandatory to being asked to join this team.

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