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At the Newtown Performance Institute, we're dedicated to helping you reach the pinnacle of your fighting potential. Located in the heart of Bucks County, our world-class facility offers a comprehensive range of programs for both youth and adults, including MMA, boxing, jiu-jitsu, and more. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or just starting out on your martial arts journey, we have something for everyone to thrive and excel.

Junior MMA

We do full gym cleaning everyday and are constantly sanitizing mats, bags & equipment throughout the day. Please come prepared to class. JUNIOR MMA IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR THE FREE TRIAL.

KIDS PROGRAMS $120 per month

JUNIOR PROGRAM (AGES 8-13) Every Junior membership includes all Junior Programs.

Junior Jiu Jitsu

Our kids Jiu-Jitsu program teaches discipline, self control, grappling and submission wrestling. Many of the worlds best fighters are trained in Jiu Jitsu for a reason. No matter what your child’s skill or athletic level is Jiu Jitsu will have something to offer. Please check your location for class times and days.


Junior Striking

Our MPR Junior Striking Program is a fun way to teach children basic Boxing, Kicking and Defensive Striking Skills. These basic fundamentals include proper footwork, punching and kicking technique as well as MMA Striking techniques. These basics are taught through drilling, heavy bag work and partner drills.


Transform your skills with our expert-led MMA training program. Our experienced instructors guide you through striking, grappling, and more, helping you reach new heights in combat sports. Join our supportive community and unleash your full potential today.

MMA Team

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