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Group Training at NPI: Achieve Your Fitness Goals Together

Join our Group Training sessions at NPI and experience the power of community-driven fitness. Our group sessions offer a supportive and motivating environment where you can push your limits, challenge yourself, and achieve your fitness goals alongside like-minded individuals. Led by our expert trainers, our group sessions are designed to deliver results while fostering camaraderie and accountability among participants.

Session Components

Engage in a variety of exercises and training modalities to keep workouts fun, challenging, and effective.

Receive instruction and guidance from our certified trainers who will help you perform exercises with proper form and technique.

Benefit from the motivation and encouragement of training alongside other individuals who share similar fitness goals.

Track your progress and celebrate milestones with regular assessments and measurements.

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Program Overview

Our Group Training sessions combine the energy and motivation of a group workout with the expertise and guidance of a certified trainer. Whether you’re looking to build strength, improve endurance, or enhance overall fitness, our group sessions provide a dynamic and effective workout experience suitable for all fitness levels.

Membership Benefits

  • Complimentary Athlete Evaluation: Assess your current fitness level and set goals to track progress.

  • Customized Programming: Access to tailored workouts designed by our expert trainers to meet the needs of the group.

  • Bi-Monthly Testing: Regular assessments to monitor individual progress and adjust programming as necessary.

  • Flexible Attendance: Attend sessions at your convenience with multiple time slots available throughout the week.

  • Community Connection: Connect with fellow participants and build relationships that support your fitness journey.

Group Pricing


  • Single Session: $40
  • Package of 5 Sessions: $175 ($35/session)
  • Package of 10 Sessions: $300 ($30/session)
  • Package of 20 Sessions: $500 ($25/session)

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Ready to join our Group Training sessions and experience the benefits of community-driven fitness? Contact us to schedule your first session and become part of the NPI fitness community. With our expert coaching, motivating atmosphere, and flexible scheduling options, you'll be on your way to achieving your fitness goals in no time.