Soccer Training At NAC Sports Training Facility

There are plenty of reasons why soccer is the most popular sport in the world; first, there’s its accessibility.  It doesn’t take a big investment to start playing soccer.  If you’ve got a ball, you can work on your skills.  Next, there’s the fun factor.  Whether you’re playing against another team, running some one-on-one drills, or just juggling the ball by yourself, soccer is a blast!  Finally, there’s the boost in confidence and physical fitness you get from practicing and playing.  All these reasons and more are what bring youth athletes to NAC Sports Training Facility in Newtown, PA for our Top Notch Soccer training program.  Here’s more about our Top Notch Soccer training program and how it can help the youth soccer player in your life improve their knowledge of the game.

Soccer Training for All Ages

If you’re a youth soccer player or you know someone who’s interested in getting better at soccer, NAC Sports Training Facility has affordable programs for students of all ages.  Ask about our Soccer Starters class for children aged 4-6, Beginner class for ages 6-10, Intermediate class for ages 8-16, or our Advanced class for ages 13-18.  We can even arrange for one-on-one private lessons in our sports training facilities to work on specific skills.  No matter your age or skill level, you can always improve.  Our Top Notch Soccer program gives you the tools you need to become a better player!

Top Notch Soccer Director Jim Keegan

If you want to get better at playing soccer, you need a coach with the experience it takes to aid in your progression.  Jim Keegan is the Director of our Top Notch Soccer program, and he’s a lifelong soccer fan who has been playing since age 6.  During his time with Kutztown University’s soccer team, he was the 2nd all-time for goals and assists, 2nd all-time for points in a season, and was one of the top 25 highest scoring Division II players in the entire country.  He was the team MVP in 1992, a 2-time leading scorer, and the 2-time All-Region Offensive Player of the Year as well as the Kutztown University Division II All-Mid Atlantic American from 1990-1992.  He even tried out for the Harrisburg Heat indoor soccer team in 1993!

Since his time as a top college soccer player, he has turned his attention to coaching, helping to bring the 1994 Lawrence High School Boys Varsity Team to a State Championship.  As a licensed FIFA and High School Referee, he knows the game inside and out, and he’s ready to help the youth athlete in your life reach new peaks of excellence on the soccer field.

Whether your child has been playing soccer for years or they’ve never played before, NAC Sports Training Facility has a Top Notch Soccer training program designed just for them.  We cater to all ages and skill levels, so if you’re looking for a way to help a young person you know improve their soccer ability, their confidence, their physical fitness, and more, get in touch with Youth Sports Performance Director Doug Sharp today by dialing (267) 391-9399 or by sending an email to

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