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Youth Baseball in Bucks County, PA

Private Softball Lessons in Newtown & Langhorne, PA

Rent our state of the art facility with the capabilities to handle various sporting events and parties.  Learn the game the right way with the best baseball and softball lessons in Bucks County. Delivering exceptional sports facilities, programs and expo space in Newtown, PA, the Newtown Sports & Events Center is the ultimate multi-purpose facility in Bucks County. With a wide variety of amenities, people of all ages are welcome to make use of our unique expo center and indoor sports facilities.

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Do You Want To Improve Your Sports Skills?

Newtown Sports & Events Center can help. We offer baseball-hitting lessons, softball pitching lessons, clinics, and camps. Our experienced coaches will help you learn the techniques you need to be a better player if you choose our services — like our softball hitting lessons! Here are some benefits of our summer baseball camps in Bucks County, PA:

  • Learn and be challenged: Our coaches will provide needed feedback in a friendly environment. They’ll teach proper baseball techniques, sportsmanship, and teamwork.
  • Have fun: Our camps are designed to be a safe place for kids to have fun and enjoy their favorite sport. Plus, our coaches in baseball pitching lessons will teach skills that can help players in future seasons.
  • Address individual needs: Each player will receive personal attention from our professional coach to help them improve their skills while in baseball hitting lessons or softball pitching lessons.

We also offer baseball and softball clinics near Bucks County Pa, to get baseball pitching lessons and softball hitting lessons. Also, our private softball lessons offer personalized coaching to help players of all skill levels become better.

Improve your batting average or pitching speed today with Newtown Sports & Events Center!

Our programs are tailored to meet your individual needs and help you reach your goals. Sign up now and see the results for yourself!

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Our youth sports programs are provided for the people of Bucks County. Our programs are run by experienced professionals, many of whom are considered experts in their field. Having gained recognition for their experience in softball, soccer, and baseball, our coaches have the knowledge and expertise to deliver exceptional training. With sporting success in Newtown, PA we are committing to training the next generation of sportsmen and women via youth training programs, clinics, and camps.

When you’re learning sports-specific skills and becoming more proficient, you’ll also have the opportunity to try strength and conditioning training, under the guidance of experienced instructors and coaches.

Some sports require physical strength in certain areas or a degree of speed, so strength and conditioning training can be an important way for youth programs to help participants improve their overall performance. A soccer player may need to be able to get from one end of the field to another in seconds, while a baseball or softball player may need to strengthen their upper body in order to hit the perfect home run

With a comprehensive approach to youth training, clinics and camps our partnership with the Parisi Speed School for youth sports performance training ensures young people from all over Newton, PA have the opportunity to train in sports, such as baseball, football, field hockey, lacrosse, softball, soccer and many more.

Our softball clinics at Newtown Sports & Events Center near Langhorne, PA, cover every facet of the game, including base running, fielding, and team play. We work hard to foster a love for the sport by creating an immersive experience filled with intensive and focused training. We teach offensive and defensive strategies and improve your game play with team drills, position work, and batting practice. These in-depth practices provide you with an adequate amount of individual work along with training by a coach. Our softball clinics are designed for players of all abilities and levels, giving everyone equal opportunity to improve their softball game while making new friends and having a great time. We also offer private softball lessons in Langhorne, PA for more one-on-one player development.

At Newtown Sports & Events Center, you can receive the benefit of one-on-one softball coaching with a highly-qualified personal coach. Your child will work strictly with one coach, who will give your child the personal attention needed to pick up on critical softball skills, such as hitting, catching, and pitching. Our softball hitting lessons in Bucks County, PA will also give your player the opportunity to hone their skills.

Private instruction is a great option for youth sports players. Individual needs vary from player to player, and with a personalized coaching approach your child’s gameplay will greatly improve. Our coaches will focus on refining skills and developing areas of weakness. We can also customize a schedule for you depending on your availability.

These clinics are beneficial for players of all ages in Bucks County. Sports skills training is particularly important for children and young people. Aiming to deliver high-quality sports training, clinics, and camps to the youth of Bucks County the Newtown Events & Sports Training Center also offers event space and party venues.

With baseball, softball, football, and soccer facilities, we offer training in a wide variety of sports. If you or your child already has an established interest in a particular sport, such as baseball or softball, we encourage you to drop by and take a look at the programs and training available.

As well as offering private baseball training and group training in baseball summer and fall travel teams to players over the age of nine years. With youth training taking place at the Newtown Events & Sports Training Center, members of the team then have the opportunity to travel across the Mid-Atlantic region to take on opposing teams.

With a firm emphasis on player development, commitment and fun, the PRD Ghost Squad PA and the Newtown Sports & Events Center are committed to providing essential youth training programs to young people in Newtown, PA and surrounding areas.

Offering young players in Bucks County, PA the chance to train in soccer, lacrosse, football, field hockey, baseball, softball and more, we ensure there are a wide variety of youth programs, facilities, event spaces and party rentals available year-round.

Newtown Events & Sports Training Center also provides the area’s youth with softball and baseball camps. Children ages 7 – 14, have the choice between spending half a day at camp, from 9AM – noon, or a full day, from 9AM – 3:00PM. We bring in top coaches from the area’s local high schools and leagues to create fun and effective programs that offer young athletes the opportunity to develop their skills in baseball, softball, or other youth sports. Whether your child is a beginner or has years of experience, they will leave camp with newly refined skills. For softball pitching lessons in Bucks County, PA, you can always count on Newtown Events & Sports Training Center. If you would like to register your child or teen for our softball clinics or baseball camps, or are looking for baseball pitching lessons in Bucks County, PA, contact us today. With talented coaches and a supportive environment, your young athlete will develop skills to become a better player. One of the best things you can sign your child up for in Bucks County, PA is our youth baseball camps. Whether your child loves baseball or softball already or not, they can receive plenty of benefits by joining us. At Newtown Events & Sports Training Center, your child will receive the best baseball training in the area.

Our softball clinics and baseball clinics are a great time for your child to train for the game. Through our youth softball camps and summer baseball camps, your children can hone their skills and become even better. One benefit, in particular, is that by attending our youth softball camps and summer baseball camps, your child will become more athletic. With child obesity on the rise, it's more important than ever for children to attend youth baseball camps and softball clinics to keep them moving. In addition, at our baseball camps and softball camps, your child will make new friends. Their social skills will grow along with their athletic skills.