"Don't just play soccer, Become a Soccer Player"

Our soccer camps and clinics and private soccer training make training fun for your child and bring training to them, by coaches and trainers who love the sport as much as they do.

What You Can Expect From Us

We provide the best private and group soccer training in Bucks County. Using our state-of-the-art soccer training facilities in Newtown, PA, our trainers and coaches will help your child hone in on their game while correcting weaknesses and helping discover new strengths. Our camps and clinics are designed for beginner to advanced players, with drills and a fundamentals-first focus that will help your child level up their skills in dribbling, control, passing, and shooting.

Goalkeeper Training

The goalkeeper is one of the most challenging positions in the game. Our specialized goalkeeper training will teach your child how to be a stopper in goal and take the ball right out of the air.

We Provide Year-Round Private Soccer Training for Kids of All Ages

We teach a wide range of mental, physical, and tactical skills for the soccer field that will improve their game. Whatever your child’s level of skill, our Top Notch Soccer program has the right training for you.

Soccer has grown into one of the most popular sports in America, not just at the youth level but at all levels. Played and loved by billions worldwide, soccer is truly a global game. Take advantage of world-class soccer training in Bucks County at NAC Soccer Camps & Clinics.

Soccer Clinics in Bucks County

Top Notch Soccer is a private and group soccer training company in which we teach soccer players of all ages who want to physically, mentally, tactically & technically improve their overall skills and game. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced player, TNS has the proper training for you.


  • How to truly become an elite goal scorer
  • Midfield play. How to create plays and have vision on the field
  • Become a stopper on defense. Learn how to defend properly
  • Learn the craft of taking defenders on 1v1
  • Shielding defenders from the ball..learn & feel body balance & control
  • MENTAL CAPACITY!!..know your surroundings on the field
  • Receiving the ball out of the air and gain quick touch control
  • Playing with back to the goal and turning on defenders to create your own space


Top Notch Soccer Training Programs

Starting from $100-$120 for 5 or 6 week sessions

This class is designed for children ages 4-6 who want to try soccer and see if they enjoy the fundamentals of the game.  It’s a fun class in which we teach the basic skills implemented with fun games so your child can learn while meeting other kids and be in a group setting. We offer an hour class where kids can see if they want to play soccer and try and learn how to control, pass, dribble, and shoot.

Starting from $125-$150 for 5 or 6 week sessions

This clinic is designed for the new soccer player who is just starting out whether in recreation or travel and needs to develop his/her skill set.  The skillset of the individual is broken down, discussed and showed how to properly use the parts of the foot and body (through passing, receiving, shooting, dribbling, first touch on the ball, etc). Learning the technical part of the game is critical for your child to advance and succeed in soccer.  Learning the proper technique and developing the foundation of a soccer player’s skill set in the early stages will benefit greatly.

Starting from $125-$150 for 5 or 6 week sessions

This clinic is designed for the soccer player who has been playing for a few years on a travel or club team and has a basic skill set and knowledge of the game but needs fine-tuning of his/her skill set.  We teach the proper ways how to turn and face a defender, dribble with speed and control, directional and placement shooting, receiving the ball at pace and out of the air, body balance and control, passing with all parts of the foot, shooting the ball with power with the laces, etc. This class will take your game to the next level and help your child not just “play soccer, but become a soccer player!

Starting from $125-$150 for 5 or 6 week sessions

This clinic is geared for the SOCCER PLAYERS!  Players that have a natural talent and desire for the game who have a solid foundation of their skills, but need to step up their game and take it to a higher, more advanced level.  Experienced soccer players who have an understanding of the mental aspect of the game and know how to position themselves at any point on the field.  We work with the player on their strengths in their game and tweak things to help them play with more speed, better control, show them field awareness, creating your own space, creating space on the field for teammates, dribble penetration at defenders, moving the goalkeeper with your eyes and body to gain openings in the goal to become an elite goal scorer, faints & fakes, creative play, splitting the defense with your dribble, & much more!!

Starting from $70-$85 for private lessons

Private Session Focus Points

  • 1st soft touch control
  • Recieve ball into space
  • placement shooting & power lace shot
  • body balance & body mechanics of your skill set
  • control ball out of air
  • create own space off the dribble

Goal Keeper Focus Points

  • Hand positioning on all type of balls
  • Proper technique on punts, throws, goal kicks
  • Deflecting & parry a ball
  • Diving & blocking
  • Proper positioning
  • Using your feet

Best Soccer Training in Bucks County

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DIRECTOR: Jim Keegan

Director/Head Trainer of Top Notch Soccer Training @ Newtown
Jim Has been playing soccer since he was 6 years old in the Mercer County NJ area.

*Professional Indoor Tryout with Harrisburg Heat in 1993

*Kutztown University Div II 2 -Time All-Mid Atlantic American (90-92)

*2-Time leading scorer

*2-Time All-Region *2-Time Offensive Player of Year

*Team MVP-(92)

*2-Time 1st Team All-PSAC(90-92)

*Top 25 in Div II scoring in the Nation (92)

2nd All time in Kutztown History for goals & assists

2nd All time in Kutztown History in points in a season

Licensed FIFA & High School referee

1988 Mercer County Community College National Soccer Champions (23-0-1)

1994 Helped Coached & Trained the Lawrence High School Boys varsity Team to a State Title

Jim Keegan

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Youth Soccer Camps in Newtown, PA

indoor sports center princeton njAt NAC Sports Center, we offer soccer training through soccer clinics and private lessons for children of all ages. Whether your child has been playing soccer for years or is fairly new to the sport, we offer soccer lessons that will test them physically and improve their skills tremendously. If you’re in Princeton, NJ, Newtown, PA or other parts of Bucks County, come to our soccer clinics and soccer camps for training unlike any other facility.

Our starter soccer clinics are for little ones who are completely new to the game. Your 4-6 year old will receive soccer training that will help them understand and enjoy the fundamentals of soccer. At these soccer camps, kids will learn the basics of the game. These soccer lessons will help your child learn to control, pass, dribble and shoot.

We have beginner soccer programs for kids ages 6-10. If you’re near Princeton, NJ, Newtown, PA or other areas of Bucks County, our soccer camps are the best around. These soccer clinics are designed for the new soccer player who is just starting out. This soccer training program helps develop skills like passing, receiving, shooting, dribbling and more.

Our intermediate soccer camps are for those who have a few years of experience. The soccer training your 8-16 year old gets at these soccer clinics include directional and placement shooting, body balance and control and much more.

Additional Information

Top Notch Soccer Programs In Newtown, PA

We also offer advanced soccer training for 13-18 year olds at our soccer camps. These soccer clinics are for players who have natural talent and a solid foundation of their skills. They will become a well-rounded soccer star with these soccer lessons.

If you’re looking for semi-private or private lessons near Princeton, NJ, Newtown, PA or Bucks County, NAC Sports Center is the place to go to. Our semi-private and private lessons can help your child with technical skills in a smaller group or completely alone. In our semi-private or private lessons, your child will use their foundation of skills to grow and excel at more intermediate parts of the game. These semi-private and private lessons also focus on the position of goal keeper. These private and semi-private soccer lessons will allow your child more 1-on-1 time and attention from our skilled coaches.

At NAC Sports Center, we offer the best soccer training around through our tiered soccer programs and private soccer lessons for your children. At these soccer camps and soccer clinics, your child will learn the basics of soccer and grow their skill set each time they come for soccer training. We pride ourselves on having soccer programs that will truly guide and assist your child on their way to becoming an excellent soccer player.

Learn Soccer Skills At Our Camps in Bucks County

Our soccer camps and soccer clinics make soccer training fun! Your child will get to join soccer programs with kids their age who enjoy the sport as much as they do and have the same skill level.

At our soccer camps, we focus on your child and what they excel at as well as things they need to work on and work that into their soccer training. With our soccer programs, we want to make your child feel confident in their abilities, even from the first day of soccer training.

Through our soccer camps and soccer clinics, we feel confident that we can provide your child with a solid foundation of soccer knowledge that can be built on so they can become a great player. Regardless of your child’s initial skill level, our soccer camps and soccer clinics are designed to give your child all of the tools necessary to excel at the sport.

The Best Soccer Training in Bucks County

If your child wants to hone their soccer skills, then you should sign up for soccer training at NAC Sports Center. When you sign your kid up for our soccer clinics in Bucks County, they’ll be sure to love it!

Benefits of Our Soccer Clinics

Your child will be amazed at the skills they’ll develop when they work with our soccer trainers. Not only will they learn new moves, but their athleticism will also improve.

Your child will also make new friends during their training.

NAC Sports is proud to offer the best soccer lessons for kids ages 4-18 in Bucks County, PA. Our fun and dynamic camp combine your child’s love of soccer with our award-winning coaching staff’s experience in developing top players. We are committed to providing an excellent top-notch soccer training environment that will challenge the player, regardless of their ability level. Through our well-orchestrated drills and exercises, the player will learn the essential soccer skills and concepts to improve their game.

By attending our soccer camps or private lessons, we believe your son or daughter will:   

  • Improve overall athletic ability
  • Enhance hand-eye coordination     
  • Learn new soccer techniques and tactics (dribbling, passing, and receiving)
  • Develop kicking skills
  • Improve their speed and endurance.
  • Develop increased confidence in their skills and abilities

If you are looking for high-quality soccer lessons for kids in Bucks County, PA, contact us at NAC Sports. Our professional trainers will work closely with your child to help them become the best soccer player they can be. Contact us today to register for our upcoming soccer camps.

We Provide Year Round Private Soccer Training for Kids of All Ages