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Summer Sports Camps in Bucks County, PA

Elite Summer Sports Camps for Kids

Newtown Sports & Events Center is the best place in Bucks County, PA, to get your kids and teens involved in sports. Our elite summer camps offer athletic training to get your kids ready to perform in high school sports including lacrosse, soccer, baseball, basketball, field hockey, and football. Our elite youth sports camps in Bucks County create well-rounded players in which they learn healthy competition as well as teamwork. This is a great opportunity for your child to learn how to master their skills in their favorite sport. Our advanced sports clinics offer training in strength, agility, and skill development coming from the best coaches in the area!

One of our elite youth sports camps include the fastest game on two feet, Rock’Em Lacrosse. Our elite sports lacrosse camps coach kids and teens, rising 5th-8th graders, on being the best individual and team player in the game. You can get your kids and teens energized and active during the summer by joining one of our advanced summer sports clinics. Through core strength and agility training, skill development, and teamwork, your child will be prepared to take their skills from this elite sports lacrosse camp and apply them to varsity sports!

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East Coast Baseball Camp

Directed By: Dean Obarowski and Colin Dower


6/20-6/24 | 7/18-7-22 | 8/8-8/12 | 8/22-8/26

The East Coast Baseball camp focuses on improving the overall fundamental skills of a baseball player, as well as learning advanced skills to give you a competitive edge over the competition.  These skills include:

Black Cats Soccer Camp

Soccer Camps: Private Training, Team Training, Clinics, Semi-Private and Summer Camps.


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Our goal is to provide athletes with professional training and techniques for advancement, coaching for encouragement and newfound appreciation for sports.  Some specific skills include:

Elite Sports Camp Offerings

Our elite summer camps not only offer clinics in Bucks County, but some of our advanced sports clinics also reach Newtown, PA. Sports is one of the best ways to get your kids healthy and active as well as ambitious and dedicated. We strive to get kids and teens motivated for physical activity and healthy competition through athletic training and skill development, whether that’s through our baseball clinics, advanced summer soccer clinics, or our elite field hockey summer camps.

Our baseball clinics are open to people of all ages in Bucks County, PA, including Newtown. With our elite youth sports camps, clinics, and sport-specific training programs, we strive to provide the best training you can find in the area. You can either register for our baseball clinics or you can join our elite sports baseball camp to master your skills in the summer. Our elite sports baseball camp is the perfect way to get your kids and teens devoted to something that’s both healthy and fun for them during the summer break. These baseball clinics are open for beginners and young athletes alike.

We also offer our Big League Baseball Academy summer baseball camp that helps kids improve their knowledge of the game, as well as baseball hitting and fielding. We aim to help young, ambitious individuals strengthen their athletic ability with the best coaches in Bucks County. Our summer baseball camp is a great way for kids to develop their skills in teamwork and in the sport itself. You can get involved in our advanced sports clinics or our elite sports summer camps today!

Our advanced summer soccer clinics are open to kids ages 9-15. This is great for children and teens who want to improve their skills in soccer to join their middle or high school sports teams. Our advanced summer soccer clinics strive to teach all levels of players the following: passing and receiving, dribbling, placement and power shooting, shielding defenders from the ball, and much more. This is just one of our advanced summer sports clinics that’ll get your child active and dedicated to the sport they’re passionate about.

Another one of our vigorous and elite sports summer camps include our field hockey summer camp. Our field hockey camps will teach kids and teens, ages 9-15, the modern game. We strive to improve our players’ teamwork and decision-making on the field. The goal is to learn the game while having fun in the process! Our elite field hockey summer camp encourages kids and teens to be confident while they play.

Full-Service Athletic Facility

In the Newtown, PA area, there has always been a demand for a full-service athletic facility that is completely dedicated to the development of young athletes. Newtown Sports & Events Center near Yardley, PA, concentrates on players’ agility and sharpening their skills on and off the field. A training facility like ours is essential for accommodating athletes as they learn all of the individual techniques needed to master their chosen sport.

For example, we take the time to improve young Richboro, PA baseball players’ hitting, catching, base running, and pitching techniques. We hold an advanced sports clinic for baseball, as well as for soccer for both boys and girls. At each advanced sports clinic, we teach the skills necessary to strengthen the gameplay of young athletes in our area. We don’t push tired drills, either. We believe that athletes around Langhorne, PA should instead be taught valuable movements and skills that can vastly improve their respective games.

Another way for young players to learn more about  baseball is by attending the youth baseball camps we offer. Our youth baseball camps in Newtown, PA are full or half-day day camps that teach all the necessary individual skills, as well as team dynamics. Our highly-trained and experienced staff will help your child improve many of their core skills at youth baseball camp, including batting stance, hit and runs, bunting, and power hitting. Our Langhorne, PA area camp also teaches base-running skills, like stealing and tagging up, as well as fielding skills like catching ground balls and pop-flies and turning double plays.

If you are interested in our greater Richboro, PA baseball, or soccer advanced sports clinic, or attending our popular youth baseball camp. We’ve proudly trained hundreds of young athletes around Richboro, Langhorne, and Yardley, PA area, and want to meet you next!

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You can get your kids started by registering for our advanced summer sports clinics. This is for those who are interested in sport-specific lessons. We offer sports skills training in Bucks County, PA for baseball, soccer, and field hockey. You can join our summer camps or sport-specific clinics, whether that’s our elite sports lacrosse camps, summer baseball camps and clinics. Our programs strive to master skills in a variety of sports in a fun, and competitive environment that will teach kids and teens the rewards of hard work.