Healthy New Year’s Resolutions for Kids

At Newtown Events & Sports Training Center in Newtown, PA, our coaches and staff help kids in our area learn everything they need to know to succeed in sports – and in life.  Now that 2020 is finally here, we think it’s the perfect time for kids to learn valuable life lessons by making a New Year’s resolution and doing whatever it takes to keep it.  By making a goal and taking all the necessary steps to accomplish it, any young person can develop confidence and mental toughness they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.  Here are a few resolutions you can discuss with the young people in your life that can help them be healthier and build character.

Less Screen Time

Now that video game consoles, smartphones, and other mobile technology have made their way into the mainstream, it seems like today’s kids can’t get enough.  While activities like watching movies, using social media, and playing games can be a lot of fun, they can also be detrimental when kids spend too much time doing them.  For 2020, why not suggest that they try to spend less time looking at screens? First, make an estimate of how much “screen time” they get every day (the average is currently more than 3 hours) and shave an hour off that time.  You can even show your support by reducing your own screen time!

Healthier Diet

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation estimates that anywhere from 13 to 20 percent of Americans under the age of 18 could be considered obese.  That’s a four-fold increase from data collected in 1980! While many factors contribute to childhood obesity, one of the main reasons is diet.  Sugary soft drinks, candy, and other high-calorie foods can cause kids to pack on the pounds, so if your child is looking for a good New Year’s resolution, you could suggest they cut some of these unhealthy foods out of their life and choose healthier options instead.

Get More Exercise

One other factor that contributes to the childhood obesity epidemic is a lack of physical activity.  If you know a young person who doesn’t get much exercise, youth sports could be exactly what they need to develop the discipline and healthy habits that will help them grow into healthy adults.  NAC Sports Training Center offers youth sports programs including baseball, softball, field hockey, soccer, football, and more for all age groups. Sign up for one of our “taster sessions” to give your kid a chance to try out a new sport and see if they like it.  Or, if your child is ready to make a stronger commitment, they can sign up for one of our clinics or training camps that will help them develop game-specific skills.

2020 could be the start of a healthier life for the young person in your life, so why not give them the chance to let youth sports transform them physically and mentally?  Get in touch with Newtown Events & Sports Training Center by calling (267) 391-9399 or by sending an email to to find out more about all the programs, clinics, and other sessions we offer for young athletes of all ages.

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