Fun Party Ideas for Your Party at NAC Sports and Events

If you think NAC Sports Training Center is only about providing instruction and support for the next generation of great athletes, think again!  In addition to being Bucks County’s top sports training facility, we can also host fun and active parties.  If you need a large space for your party or event, our 40,000 square foot facility has plenty of room to spread out, free Wi-Fi, and all sorts of unique amenities that kids and adults will love.  Located in Bucks County, we’re easily accessible from surrounding communities in the Philadelphia area and even New Jersey, so your guests won’t have far to drive.  Here are a few ideas for parties and events you could hold at our facility:

Birthday Parties

Whether it’s a sports-themed party, a dance party, or any other kind of party, you’ll find that our facility has the space you need to bring your party ideas to life!  For a sports-themed party, we’ve got batting cages, plus goals for field hockey, soccer, and lacrosse.  Your party guests will be supervised at all times by our experienced coaches to ensure they stay safe, and they can even give your kids a few pointers during the party. 

If you want to host a different kind of party, we can accommodate you as well.  Hire a DJ, set up a bouncy castle or a ball pit, you can even hire performers like clowns or magicians.  No matter what you have in mind, we can provide tables, chairs, elevated performance spaces, or nearly anything else you need to make your party a success.  And the adults will be happy to know that our elevated mezzanine will allow them to observe the fun without having to be right in the middle of it.

Concerts and Shows

Finding the perfect venue for a concert can be tough but NAC Sports Training Facility is so flexible we make it easy for you!  Looking for a place where your band can perform?  We’ll set up a stage where you can play live to hundreds of concertgoers.  Or, if you’ve hired a band for your party, we’ve got the perfect venue for them to perform for you and your guests.  When you book us for your concert, it’s certain to be memorable!

Corporate Events

Looking for a place to host a trade show, conference, or company party?  We’ve hosted all sorts of corporate events in the past and now we want to go to work for you!  Our dedicated staff will do everything they can to ensure your event space has exactly what you need.  Whether you need tables, a stage, booths, or anything else, we can customize our facility to meet the requirements of any corporate event.

If you need an event space for a birthday party, concert, corporate event, or any large scale party, NAC Sports Training Facility can accommodate you!  Get in touch with us today by calling (267) 391-9399 or send an email to to find out more about all the options we have for your party.

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