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Adult Striking

Elevate Your Striking Game with NPI's Dynamic Training

Are you tired of mundane workout routines that yield lackluster results? Join the NPI Coaches and experience a striking program like no other. Our classes cover a diverse range of striking combinations, incorporating kicks, punches, elbows, and knees while imparting essential self-defense skills. Led by professional fighters and instructors, our sessions offer real deal striking instruction, blending the best of Muay Thai, Boxing, MMA, and martial arts. Get ready to elevate your skills and fitness level with each session. Don't settle for cardio kickboxing; this is the realm of authentic striking technique and conditioning. Come prepared with your boxing gloves and shin guards, and join us on the mats for an exhilarating journey.

Dynamic Striking

Experience Dynamic Striking

with NPI

Tired of the same boring workout routines and results? Come join the NPI Coaches! Please check your locations schedule for class times and days.

Each class we cover a variety of kick, punch, elbow and knee combinations guaranteed to cut the calories and teach you valuable self defense skills. Be prepared… this isn’t a cardio kickboxing class. This is REAL DEAL Striking instruction taught by Professional Fighter and Instructors. Grab your boxing gloves and shinguards and join us on the mats!

Our goal is to teach the philosophy and fighting techniques that work. We combine the best of Muay Thai, Boxing MMA Striking and Martial Arts to provide a well rounded system that works.

You may wear whatever gym shorts you like, and there will be thai pads available for students to use. Every student must be prepared for class with 16oz gloves, mouthguard,
and shin guards. Also you are expected to be on time for class. Failure to have the proper training equipment or to be on time could result in not being allowed to participate in that class.

NPI Striking Levels

Level 1 – You will learn the fundamentals of Striking and pad holding. No sparring

Level 2 – You will learn more advanced drills, combos and striking techniques. Supervised technical sparring is allowed.

Level 3 – Students that have passed Level 2 testing and in addition have been approved for unsupervised sparring.

Level 4 – You are expected to be able to execute most or nearly all techniques comfortably while sparring.

Level 5 – This is the equivalent of getting your blackbelt.

MMA Coaches

Meet Our Certified NPI Striking Instructors!

Instructors Certification: Must have helped corner a minimum of 2 fighters & must be at least a Level 4 certified athlete to test. Also you must help as an assistant coach for at least 20 classes minimum (Adult or Junior).

Certified MPR Striking Instructors:

Johnson Jajoute

Gordon Wigington

Yohannes Habtu

Chris Pop

Patrick Sabatini

Justin Burke

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