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Youth Striking

Empower Your Child with NPI's Dynamic Junior Striking Program

Join the ranks of young warriors at NPI and let your child discover the exciting world of striking with our Junior Striking Program. Our engaging classes provide children with a fun and effective way to learn fundamental boxing, kicking, and defensive striking skills. Led by certified coaches, our program focuses on proper technique, footwork, and conditioning through a variety of drills, bag work, and partner exercises. Safety is paramount, which is why all participants are required to have essential protective gear, ensuring a secure and supportive environment for learning and growth. Whether your child is a beginner or ready to advance to the next level, our program offers tailored instruction for both Basic and Advanced groups, fostering teamwork, discipline, and confidence along the way.

NPI Junior Striking Program

Our NPI Junior Striking Program is a fun way to teach children basic Boxing, Kicking and Defensive Striking Skills. These basic fundamentals include proper footwork, punching and kicking technique as well as MMA Striking techniques. These basics are taught through drilling, heavy bag work and partner drills.

All kids are required to have Boxing Gloves and Shinguards… NO EXCEPTIONS. Gloves and shinguards are available for purchase at MPR. Our Advanced Strikers are required to have Gloves, Shinguards, Mouthpiece, Groin protector if needed. We also recommend headgear.

NPI Junior Striking Levels

Our Junior Striking Program is led by a certified and qualified coaching staff. Our Junior striking class is divided by the Advanced and Basic groups. All athletes will learn how to maximize their stamina and strength levels while at the same time enhancing their motor coordination. We provide children with a safe kickboxing fitness environment that enables them to have fun while working out. This makes it easier for them to learn very challenging techniques as well as discipline while having fun.

ADVANCED STRIKING JUNIORS – These kids are hand selected by our coaching staff. To be selected in the advanced group these kids must show an understanding and the ability to demonstrate all basic techniques. We will only select kids that are good teammates, listen well and can control themselves offensively and defensively. Advanced Strikers can participate in sparring as long as they have their protective equipment.

BASIC STRIKING – Our athletes in the Basic program will learn the fundamentals of striking. This is great for beginners and kids that may take a little longer to retain the information and skills needed to advance.

Antibullying at NPI Endurance

In the spirit of peace and safety it is important to really understand how bullying affects us and more importantly how it impacts our children. Bullying is defined as unwanted, aggressive behavior that involves a real or perceived power imbalance.

As we dissect the reasons and ramifications of these actions it is important to remember the following: Most kids that bully use their power and strength to control, embarrass and even harm other children. These tactics may include threats, spreading rumors, verbal abuse and physical violence. So what do we do as parents? What are the appropriate steps to take and to end the threats of bullying in a peaceful manner?

As a Professional Mixed Martial Arts Fighter and Owner of NPI Endurance, for years I’ve taught the tools and skills kids need to end the threats of violence and bullying. Through physical fitness and martial arts training we can teach our kids how to level the playing field and end the imbalance bullies use intimidate and control. Establishing confidence in our children is usually the most crucial step in regaining control and even preventing bullying in the first place.

There are many great programs such as Jiu Jitsu, Boxing, Wrestling and MMA which can teach our children that they are worthy of defending themselves. What I mean by “being worthy” is that some children which are bullied feel that they are incapable of defending themselves. Without the foundation of Martial Arts some kids may feel incapable of managing potentially dangerous conflicts, therefore allowing these situations to get out of hand. There are many great programs and classes locally which teach self defense. It is important however to find the right program for your child. Speak with the instructors and owners about the programs they offer and even ask if you can attend or watch a class. Some martial arts studios will even let your child try a class or two free of charge.

First we start by empowering our children inside of the gym to begin to start to empower them outside of the gym.

By teaching our children how to access and identify real threats we can begin to show them how to handle these situations in a peaceful manner. Remember that communication and an early response are keys to stopping bullying in it’s tracks.

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