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Private Training at NPI: Personalized Fitness for Optimal Results

Personalized Fitness Excellence with NPI's Private Training Program

At NPI, we understand that every individual has unique fitness goals and requirements. Our Private Training program offers personalized coaching and attention to help you achieve your objectives effectively and efficiently. Whether you're new to fitness, recovering from an injury, or aiming to take your performance to the next level, our certified trainers are here to guide you every step of the way.


Program Overview

Our Private Training sessions are tailored to your specific needs, preferences, and fitness level. You’ll work one-on-one with a dedicated trainer who will design a customized program to address your goals and help you overcome any challenges you may face. With individualized attention and expert guidance, you’ll experience faster progress and see tangible results in no time.

Membership Benefits

  • Complimentary Athlete Evaluation: Assess your current fitness level and establish baseline metrics to track progress.

  • Customized Program: Receive a personalized training program designed specifically for you by our certified trainers.

  • Bi-Monthly Testing: Regular assessments to monitor progress and make adjustments to your program as needed.

  • Make-Up Sessions: Flexibility to reschedule sessions with 24-hour notice to accommodate your busy schedule.

  • Freeze Option: Pause your membership for up to one week per 8-week rotation to accommodate vacations or other commitments.


Private Training

  • 60min Private 
    • Drop In: $100
    • 1x/week: $85
    • 2x/week: $80 ($160/weekly)
    • 3x/week: $75 ($225/weekly)
  • 60min Semi Private
    • Drop In: $55
    • 1x/week: $45
    • 2x/week: $40 ($80/weekly)
    • 3x/week: $35 ($105/weekly)
  • Open Small Group (2-5 people)
    • Drop In: $50
    • 1x/week: $40
    • 2x/week: $35 ($70/weekly)
    • 3x/week: $30 ($90/weekly)

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Ready to experience the benefits of personalized training at NPI? Contact us to schedule your complimentary athlete evaluation and consultation. Our experienced trainers are committed to helping you reach your fitness goals and transform your life through personalized coaching and support.